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Part 8: Decreases Muscle Deterioration

10 ways Massage can benefit You.

This series is designed to encourage you to 'ReThink Massage' and open up your understanding to the benefits outside of just relaxation.

#8 Decreases Muscle Deterioration

Muscle atrophy is more common than you may think. Your muscles can begin to lose strength in as little as 3 days of inactivity. So when you think about lifestyles and careers that involve extended periods of sitting and inactivity, long hours and not the time to exercise you can begin to see that even a seemingly healthy person could be in the beginning stages of muscle atrophy. Ageing can also contribute to the disuse of muscles.

Muscle atrophy can cause significant pain and reduce your ability to move freely or at all in some cases (think about what happens if your have been bedridden for months and you try to stand up...).

Exercise is important to maintain muscle mass and strength along with flexibility and all the other health benefits that come with regular exercise. A worthwhile addition to your overall health plan should be massage. While Massage therapy cannot directly build muscle, it can minimize pain and inflammation.

Massage therapy on weak or atrophied muscles can have some very therapeutic effects, including:

  • Increased blood supply & nutrition to the muscles

  • Increased circulation & a dilation of blood vessels

  • Decreased congestion in blood and lymphatic flow

  • More efficient re-oxygenation and filtration of the blood

  • Prevention of adhesions in the muscle fibers

  • Increased muscle tissue metabolism

A regular visit to your massage therapist, even once a month, can help you to preserve the strength and flexibility of your muscles, not to mention the long list of other benefits massage can give you.


*Disclaimer: All products, statements and services are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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