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Part 5: Nourishes and stimulates emotional growth

10 ways Massage can benefit You.

This series is designed to encourage you to 'ReThink Massage' and open up your understanding to the benefits outside of just relaxation.

#5 Nourishes and stimulates emotional growth

Sometimes, while receiving a massage, you may experience the unexpected surfacing of a particular emotion. You may feel sad, fearful or angry. You may get a flashback or a memory that is tied to this emotion or you may just feel it.

Our body has the ability to store emotions and memories that we are unable to deal with. Usually involving fear, anguish or some kind of suffering. These unresolved emotions are stored in our muscles and soft tissues. Often they are stored unconsciously and manifest into physical pain and tension within our bodies.

Massage relaxes the muscles, it is a healing touch that gives them the opportunity to release on an emotional level, providing the individual is ready to face these suppressed feelings. This is not an unusual, but rather a natural and very beneficial part of the cleansing and rejuvenating process of massage.

When you feel emotions surfacing, if you are ready, welcome them and accept that your body is finding balance and setting you on a path to better health on a physical and emotional level. Relax, breathe deeply and allow your body and mind to let go of the emotions that no longer serve it in a positive way.

How are emotions released?

During a massage, the body responds with increased blood circulation, improved lymphatic function and a decrease in stress. Oxygen supply is increased to the muscles. As they are stretched by your therapist toxins are released into the blood flow, then as they relax, rich oxygenated blood flows to these tissues to help restore damage and facilitate the healing process.

You may not experience this kind of release often or at all, but it can happen depending on the individuals path.

I hope this helps you to make that mind-body connection to set you on the path to emotional growth.


*Disclaimer: All products, statements and services are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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