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Clinic Policy

Late Arrival Policy

Your late arrival will require that I end the session at the scheduled time, meaning your session will unfortunately be shorter. I have reserved this time for you and only you and have other people scheduled after your time


Cancelling Appointments Policy

Please be aware if you call to cancel an appointment that our policy is to charge a cancellation fee of $40 if you cancel in less than 24 hours. So to avoid this fee please make contact to reschedule your appointment.


Informed Consent Agreement

I understand that the massage given to me by Evelyn Trainor is for the purpose of (stress reduction, pain reduction, relief from muscle tension, increasing circulation, or specific reasons you have stated).

I understand that the massage therapist does not diagnose illness or disease and does not prescribe medical treatment or pharmaceuticals, nor are spinal manipulations part of massage therapy.

I understand that massage therapy is not a substitute for medical care and that it is recommended that I work with my medical practitioner for any condition I may have.

I have stated all my known physical conditions and medications, and I will keep the massage therapist updated on any changes.

Evelyn's massage and wellness sports massage
Evelyn's massage and wellness relaxation massage
Evelyn's massage and wellness hand massage, trigger point massage
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